If you noticed my writings before, it show how I try to make myself more productive in a day. After multiple trials, It turns out the only way to do so is by taking more responsibility. Responsibility that is give us meaning. But after it is solved, I get a new problem, energy.

Today I felt sick. My head felt dizzy, my eyes can’t focus, I can’t even stand to read instructions while responsibilities are on my shoulders.When I try to lay down, I straightly fell asleep, but I slept for 8 hours at night, make me confuse should I let myself lay down or not.

I hypothesized that this is because how fast context switching that I need to do, as this month is a class project month with internship in my shoulder I have to switch between a class project problem to other class project problem and then the internship problem. This happened repeatedly in matter of minutes, draining my energy.

A psychologist, Arthur Jersild state that context switching places places intense demands on our working memory because we are shifting goals (I need to complete this now) and activating new rules (this is what I need to do to complete this task).

Doing those steps take lots of energy. Creating time chunk for each context,

is a good solution, but it is hard as our mind boggling to every place. And sometime we get an insight in unexpected time, so what should I do? Write them and stick to the rule. I will write them in my onenote,

For me, the hardest part of this is how I am not projecting other people view of me as an unresponsible human. I oftentime think like these, when I don’t reply their message directly, etc. I felt scared. But, I believe this will fade soon, I gotta be more don’t care and let things pass.

Second year computer science undergraduate student in Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. I write to deliver insights.