Averrous Saloom

Who the hell am I?
Sitting down think about nothing
Abandon things
Reserved my pain
For what, I ask myself
For what you think about

Probably that was I am
But it shouldn’t be who am I am

Rewriting story
But fucked
By wrong decisions

Who the hell am I?
still, always

Stay Alive

You are fine

You are okay

You just need time




You never know

Things does turn upside down

Things got fine

If you noticed my writings before, it show how I try to make myself more productive in a day. After multiple trials, It turns out the only way to do so is by taking more responsibility. Responsibility that is give us meaning. …

For almost a year I do have the privilage to have dual monitor, well, mainly I use only the big one, not from my laptop, this is due to the comfort for my eye. But this morning, after I clean up my mechanical keyboard, I want to try to type…

I am getting more responsibilities right now, either from organization, academic life, or companies that I applied internship to. The weirdest thing is, my energy level is better than when I don’t have any responsibilities. I approximate that 4/7 part of my week is filled with energy now, not like before which is only about 2/7, a 100% increment.

It seems like those responsibilities create a deep planted mental model in my head that I need to be energetic, makes the chemical in my brain and my body that induce focus and motivation be released. A mental model that I assume consist of if else statements, ‘if I dont show up, this people will not like me’, simply set of rules that is more than the one that I had when I was not having any responsibilities.

I kept my sanity with bisoprolol, and I keep it again with bisprolol

I am sick. My heartbeat went weird. When I went to GE, she gave me bisoprolol. It made me sane everyday. Yesterday, I went to a cardiologist, got some initial diagnosis, sentences that gave me shiver. I…

Recently, I do a lot of conversation with friends to complete task. I love to be in a conversations. I miss it.

But everytime I do the conversation, I am getting a realization that I am lonely. I didn’t create friends or circles since get in to college and in…

Pemerintahan sendiri adalah produk kepercayaan

Saat diriku bersekolah di SMP dan SMA, obrolan mengenai politik negara adalah hal yang menarik untuk dibahas. Obrolan seringkali berangkat dengan asumsi para pemangku jabatan tidak memiliki intensi yang baik dalam menjabat. Jika ada seorang figur yang lagi-lagi diangkat menjadi seorang petinggi, pendapatku dan teman-temanku selalu sama, “Nepotisme aja terus…

Averrous Saloom

Second year computer science undergraduate student in Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. I write to deliver insights.

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